Point Pleasant Offshore Grand Prix 2016

It was a cloudy day, but lots of fun was had watching these big boats roar out the Manasquan Inlet for the 2016 Point Pleasant Offshore Grand Prix!

It was a bit of a challenge to film for 2 reasons. The boats were running about an hour behind schedule so I powered down the drone and controller to conserve batteries for the first heat. Then, they all raced out at once! I didn't have time to get everything powered up and the boats were already out the inlet.

I returned for the larger boats in the second heat and timed it right, but by then there were 2 helicopters flying low over the inlet; the NJ State Police helicopter and another one which was presumably filming. They were probably in the 100-200 foot altitude at times, so I stayed really, really low and gave them lots of space. Unfortunately, this meant basically hugging the inlet rocks on the Manasquan side at ~ 30-40 feet.

I checked the video afterwards and realized I was almost hit a few times by fisherman casting for bluefish!

Still, it was a fun day for all!


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