Marco Island, Florida - March 2016

Got to take the drone down to Marco Island, Florida on our annual trip to visit my parents in paradise. Finding a case for the drone and all the accessories that fit within the airline carry-on luggage size limits was challenging, and was also a bit of a learning curve to find all the different rules for drones on different airlines. The biggest concern is with the LiPo batteries; they MUST be carried in carry-on and can not be checked, and, they must be individually wrapped so their terminals don't touch anything.

The TSA agents I worked with at security were extremely curious about the drone, but, after opening up the case and swabbing it for explosives, they told me to enjoy and have a safe flight.

While I'll always focus on the Jersey Shore, I'll definitely will be traveling with the drone again to take pictures of interesting places I visit.

Didn't get too many chances to fly during spectacular sunsets or sunrises, but did get to take it out over a couple of different locations around the island and, took it out on a boat for the first time! I had visions of doing some video chase shots of my dad's boat but the wind was very high all week so that wasn't going to happen. Taking off from a boat is pretty straightforward; landing is a bit tougher if you don't have a large flat surface to aim for. Thankfully, I had my cousin Casey grab the drone out of a low hover and that worked just fine!

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