Manasquan 02/12/2016 Mapping Update

Following a 3 Day Nor'easter and new lunar cycle which saw more coastal flooding, I was able to take advantage of a day of calm winds (but frigid temperatures!) on Friday to do an updated mapping mission in Manasquan with a grant from MapsMadeEasy. The waves were really pounding earlier in the week and I feared more erosion, but in cursory review that does not appear to be the case. It actually looks like some sand has resettled around the rock jetties since the post-Jonas flight. Some more significant changes to the south however, with more of the rock jetty that separates Whiting and Inlet beaches now exposed, and some change to the shape of Inlet.

02/12/2016 Flight.
Interactive Map
I flew at 2:30 PM, just around Mean Lower Low Water in Manasquan.

Using the new swipe map above, you can compare the new flight, as well as the 01/25/2016 flight to the "reference" flight on 01/07/2016 which was my first full collection, which will remain always on on top of the Microsoft basemap imagery. Just click the date you want to review with the swipe tool in the menu to the right of the map. This format should let me add many updates to this map. Thanks to spatialihast for the reference Leaflet code for this.

Like previous flights, I want to provide the data for analysis; it is 100% free for non-commercial use, I just ask that you credit in any reports or products you produce.

Explicitly, I want to make this demo data available free of charge for any Federal, State, or Local government, and all academic users.

GeoTIFF (TIF)Download (408.8 MB)
Full Resolution Image (JPG)Download (26.2 MB)
DEM (TIF)Download (54.4 MB)
Colorized DEM GeoTIFF (TIF)Download (30.5 MB)
Colorized DEM (JPG)Download (4.3 MB)
3D Google Earth (KMZ)Download (9.2 MB)
3D Model (OBJ)Download (293.2 MB)
3D Material (MTL)Download (261 bytes)
3D Texture (JPG)Download (4.4 MB)
Output Size12963 x 50438
@ 1.36 inch/pixel
Average AGL Alt238.02 ft
Area86.88 acres
Overlap Report:


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